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The Sanctuary Cove Country Club wishes to advise members that the gym has reopened. You do need to sign in when you visit the gym, group fitness or yoga classes. We have implemented guidelines as per Fitness Australia's framework and COVID Safe Practice measures from the state government to increase capacity and maintain the health and safety of our members. We’re doing everything we can to protect the health and safety of both our members and staff as we welcome you back to the gym! Some of these measures include: - Members must sanitise their hands and sign in upon arrival - Separate entrance and exits, entry is through the front foyer of the Country Club and exit will be via the side gate next to Kidz Club - Maintain 1.5m distance between yourself and other members or staff - Bring your own water bottle and towel (no towel, no gym) - Disinfect machine before and after use Our staff have increased cleaning all through the day, including a deep clean every morning. All gym equipment will be sanitised on the hour. For the health and safety of all members, if you're not well please do not come to the Country Club. Tennis Courts and Swimming Pool are both open but you must first sign in at reception. View Class Timetables Here For further information, please see our Reception staff or call us on (07) 5699 9070.  Arnie's Café & Bar New Trading Hours Open daily 7am - 2pm



Wellness is undoubtedly a buzz word of the modern day, but what does it really mean? Wellness means being actively engaged in the process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher quality life, everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being.  Join us for the following special classes this Wellness Month: Tuesday 3rd March 8.00am - 11.00am - Flow Yoga Wear Pop-Up Store Flow Yoga Wear specialises in bespoke and bohemian yoga and exercise wear and is designed and made in Queensland.   Thursday 5th March 9.30 am - 11.30 am: Beginners Yoga and Pilates  This is the perfect class for those who have never tried yoga or pilates before! Trial our wellness classes at Sanctuary Cove Country Club, this class is open to everyone so you don't have to be a member to join in.  Friday 6th March 8.30 am: Water Yoga A gentle class in the heated Sanctuary Cove Country Club pool with Linda. Water Yoga is a low impact form of exercise making it an ideal way for people with joint pain to improve their strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Every Tuesday in March 7.00 pm: Meditation  Calm your mind and find your inner peace with a guided meditation class every Tuesday night at 7.00 pm.  Every Thursday 9.30 am - 11.30 am: Yogalates Do you love yoga and pilates or are you not sure the difference? Join our two hour fusion class which mixes the two practices together.  Tuesday 3rd and 17th: Essential Oils Pop-Up Store Discover how essential oils can change the flow of your home in the Country Club foyer.  Wellness Challenge Are you up for our Wellness Challenge? Attend 20 wellness classes throughout the month of March and receive a complimentary Sanctuary Cove Country Club gym bag. If you attend the most wellness classes throughout the month you will receive 4 x Village Roadshow 4 park annual passes! Sign up to join the challenge today by phoning 0756999070, email info@sanctuarycovecountryclub.com.au or visit the Sanctuary Cove Country Club reception. Not a Country Club Member? Join our Open Day! You can still join in our Wellness Month Celebrations! On Thursday 5 March join our Open Day where you can trial the gym and classes for free. If you are new to yoga we are hosting a beginners class at 10.30 am or join pilates at 9.30 am. If you are not a current member please register your attendance at info@sanctuarycovecountryclub.com.au or phone 07 5699 9070.  We also offer casual class passes and short term memberships where you will enjoy access to pilates and yoga classes, group fitness classes, gym access and special wellness activities. Arnie's Cafe and Bar: Wellness Month Specials  Breakfast Special: A free coffee with each açai bowl purchase for breakfast.  Lunch Special: A salad from the menu and home-made Read more



Sanctuary Cove Country Club is here to help you start your 2020 the right way with the New Year New You  4 Week Challenge starting Monday 3 February.  This challenge is designed to improve your health and well being and set up healthy habits that can be continued throughout the year.   As 2020 starts most people set new year resolution just to break them within a few months. Joining a gym challenge adds extra accountability to your workout making it easier to stick out your new year health goals. Our 4 Week Challenge is designed to kick start your new year fitness goals. Your challenge will start with an InBody Body Scan which measures your body and provides a detailed, yet easy to understand report. On your results sheet, you will see how many kilograms of fat and muscle is on your body and where it is located. From this the trainers will be able to see which areas of your body you need to work on and can help you to plan the best workout routine for your challenge.  On completion of the challenge you will receive another InBody Body Scan to measure your results. This also keeps you accountable throughout the challenge.  Throughout the 4 weeks a daily fitness program will be available to you so you can workout everyday along with weekly emails with healthy habits and additional fitness information.   There will also be an additional cardio class held 6 am every Sunday morning with Ryan. As part of the challenge you will also receive a meal planning health talk including the importance of food selection and when you should time your meals. There is also the chance to win 1 of 2 $100 Marine Village gift cards for the male and female who loses the most weight throughout the month.  The New Year New You Challenge is free for VIP Members. To find out about our VIP Membership click here.  If you are not a VIP Member this challenge costs $60 per person.  Sign up now at the Sanctuary Cove Country Club reception or email info@sanctuarycovecountryclub.com.au or phone 07 5699 9070.



Many people make New Year’s resolutions, many of them health related. Here are some helpful tips to keep your new year fitness resolution momentum going all year round to assist in achieving your overall goal of better health. 1.       Make one small change at a time Everyone knows that feeling of starting a new year full of energy and grand plans – come the 1st of January, unhealthy treats and alcohol are off the menu, and green smoothies and unrealistic exercise schedules are in. It is proven that success comes with much smaller steps, these habits will soon become routines and an easier foundation to add new goals. Rather than swearing off all your vices, vow to limit them to a day or two a week. The same applies to exercise, start off realistically with just three days a week, and slowly aim to increase to more days as your strength and energy build. 2.       Partner Up With A Friend Studies show that pairing up with a friend makes people more likely to work out. Instead of going it alone, sign up for a fitness class, join a local running club or simply take a walk with a friend during your lunch break. Another option is hiring a personal trainer with a friend and splitting the cost or joining a fitness challenge together to keep the motivation strong. 3.       Keep A Food Diary  If you are focusing on improving your diet as part of your new year’s overall health resolution, try keeping a food diary. This can be a helpful part of your success and accountability. We often underestimate how much food we are consuming in a day, forgetting the cake at work or a handful of chips while watching TV. There is an abundance of food tracker apps available, or the old fashion printed diary or notebook also works a treat. 4.       Make It Fun Exercise doesn’t have to be boring! Find a way to exercise that both allows you to get fit, and have fun in the process. It’s a known fact that you’ll be more likely to keep going with exercise if you don’t dread it. 5.       Go Easy On Yourself We are often our worst critics, and it’s so hard to always keep on track. Life happens, and there are plenty of ups and downs along the way that mean it’s not always possible to stick to or attain your healthy lifestyle goals. Realising that one slice of cake, or one missed workout will not derail you for the rest of the year is key.  Need extra motivation? Join our New Year New You: 4 Week Challenge. Find out more here. 



We’ve all started off a new year off with a fitness resolution, but often these good intentions fall by the wayside when winter hits - the days are cold and sleeping in is far more appealing! Summer is just around the corner and it’s a time for fun, sun, holidays and enjoying a calendar of social events. By sticking to some health habits and factoring in regular exercise into your daily routines on the lead up to summer, you’ll build some healthy habits that will all you to keep your body fit, healthy and happy during the summer months. Eat Right Make sure your diet consists of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and that you’re eating the right amount of protein, good fats and carbohydrates. Cut down on processed foods and limit sugar into your diet while seeking healthier substitutes to treat foods. Feeling like something sweat? Instead of reaching for the chocolate or ice cream, why not indulge with a delicious fresh mango instead. Hydrate It’s always important to drink enough water, especially during the warmer months. By keeping our bodies hydrated, the heart is able to easily pump blood through the blood vessels and muscles and helps our internal systems operate more efficiently. Exercise Joining a gym is a fantastic way to get moving and improve your fitness, but most importantly, it has an array of wonderful health benefits. One of the main benefits is by increasing our cardiovascular and strengthening our heart and lungs, we increase our strength and create lean muscle. This can result in the overall reduction in risk of health concerns such as heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, depression and stress related illnesses. Establishing a healthy routine is easy with a gym membership, and you’ll have undercover access to the use of facilities come rain, hail or shine. The gym also provides the perfect platform to meet other like-minded people who are all working towards their health and fitness goals. Teaming up with a training buddy can give you the opportunity to have fun at the gym and some competitive spirit can go a long way! Limit Alcohol This is a hard one, especially during summer when the social calendar is running hot. Drinking is a social part of summer and should be enjoyed but pay attention to what you drink and make sure for every alcoholic drink you are consuming that you are matching it with a glass of water. Alcohol is filled with added sugars and empty calories so it’s important to keep track of what you are consuming. Rest Your body needs to rest, so make sure you provide it with plenty. It can be tempting to have late nights out with friends, but it’s very important that you are getting enough sleep. Your body needs time to recuperate and strengthen especially if you are increasing your fitness, but when you find a balance between having a good time, exercising and resting, your body will thank Read more



Wellness is undoubtedly a buzz word of the modern day, but what does it really mean? Wellness means being actively engaged in the process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.  Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher quality life, everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being.  To celebrate wellness at the Country Club we are hosting yoga overlooking the picturesque Lagoon Pool, water yoga at the Sanctuary Cove Country Club pool and meditation classes as well as health talks and pop up stores. Lagoon Pool Yoga Timetable Friday 1 November 9.30am Friday 8 November 9.30am Friday 15 November 9.30am Friday 22 November 9.30am Friday 29 November 9.30am Water Yoga Timetable Friday 22 November 8.30am Meditation  Tuesday 5  November 7.00pm Tuesday 12 November 7.00pm Tuesday 19 November 7.00pm Tuesday 26 November 7.00pm Pop up stores  Essential oils- every Wednesday 9am-11am  Not a Country Club Member? You can still join in our Wellness Month Celebrations! Join the Country Club for Wellness Month and enjoy access to the Lagoon Pool Yoga, pilates and yoga classes, health talks and gym access. A one month membership costs $169. WELLNESS MONTH ENQUIRIES FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK FOLLOW OUR INSTAGRAM



Do you have a fun run coming up? There are several things you can do to improve your performance in your final few weeks of preparation. Have a training plan It’s a great idea to have a firm training plan in place for a least five weeks prior to the event. A program which builds up gradually and then tapers off before the race is best. Trying to cram additional runs in the last few weeks before your run isn’t advised, but rather try sticking to your original plan will see you best prepared to tackle your race. Book a massage By scheduling a massage a week or two prior to your race can assist to ease muscle soreness and help you relax, re-energize and build your confidence in your ability to run. Avoid deep tissue massages within at least three days prior to your race, otherwise you could be left feeling sore! Hydrate & Nourish Yourself It’s really important to make sure you are sufficiently hydrated prior to your race and on the lead up to the event. Everyone is different when it comes to how much water you need so pay attention to your body and make sure you aren’t thirsty at any point. The same applies to food, nourish your body when you are hungry and according to your appetite and eat food to you enjoy and leaves you feeling good. Sleep Late nights are best avoided at least a week prior to your race! Aim for 7-8 hours a night or whatever you personally require to feel rested and rejuvenated. Taper The final week before your race event is where you should be tapering off into easier runs. Your final run should be at least 3 days prior to the race which will allow you to avoid feeling any soreness or muscle fatigue. Check your race map and plan ahead It’s a really good idea to look at the map of the run course and take note of drink stations, hills, toilet stops, start line, parking and public transport options if this is how you plan on getting to the event. Being prepared will eliminate last minute panic and allow you to focus on your race strategy. Put together your clothing, shoes, race bib and anything else you need for the run and lay these out the night before the race to avoid any race morning panic! Remember to trust the process of your training and try not to get too worked up or nervous. If you’re prepared you will do well and have fun in the process! Sanctuary Cove Palms Fun Run Registrations are now open for the inaugural Sanctuary Cove Palms Fun Run. Join runners of all ages in either the 6km or 8km circuit around the Palms Golf Course and raise much needed funds for the Institute of Glycomics. For more information visit: https://sanctuarycovecountryclub.com.au/palms-fun-run/  



Registrations open 1st August for the inaugural Sanctuary Cove Palms Fun Run on Sunday October 6th. Join runners of all ages take to Sanctuary Cove’s exclusive Palms Golf Course to run either a 6km or 8km circuit through this idyllic setting while raising money for charity. Sanctuary Cove has partnered with the Institute for Glycomics to help raise much needed funds, a collaborative charity that works with leading scientists to build a critical mass around multidisciplinary research. Global collaboration is essential in their vision to bring forward novel drugs and vaccines to the community. A proportion of registration fees will go towards this worthy charity. Participants will have the chance to win a trip for four staying at the luxurious InterContinental Sydney with a $1000 travel voucher in the lucky door prizes. The Palms Fun Run will kick off at 7.00am on the 18th hole and will loop the last nine holes of the Sanctuary Cove Golf Club’s stunning course. In addition, children can take part in the 100m Kids Dash that will start at 8.30am. There will be post-event celebrations at the Sanctuary Cove Country Club including special offers from Arnie’s Café and Bar, face painting and lucky door prizes for participants. The major prize will be a 3-night stay at the InterContinental Sydney for a family of four with a $1000 travel voucher. Other prizes include a VIP Golf Pass at The Palms Golf Course, six-month gym membership to the Sanctuary Cove Country Club, a $250 gift card to spend in The Marine Village, High Coffee for two at the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort and a coffee gift card from Arnie’s Cafe and Bar. Registrations cost $50 per participant and includes entry into The Palms Fun Run, a participation medal plus one free InBody body scan at the Sanctuary Cove Country Club, a Sanctuary Cove water bottle, sweat band, $5 donation to the Glycomics Institute, a complimentary breakfast item at the post-run cook up and much more! PRIZES Win a 3-night stay at InterContinental Sydney for a family of four, including $1000 travel voucher. Other prizes include a six-month gym membership to the Sanctuary Cove Country Club and a $250 gift card to spend in The Marine Village. REGISTRATION Registrations cost $50 per participant and includes entry into The Palms Run and participation medal. Entry into the 100m Kids Dash is just $10. START TRAINING NOW Join the Sanctuary Cove Country Club gym today and start your personalised training program. Add the VIP Program to your membership for a host of benefits. REGISTER Registrations cost $50 per participant and includes entry into The Palms Fun Run, a participation medal plus one free InBody body scan at the Sanctuary Cove Country Club, a Sanctuary Cove water bottle, sweat band, $5 donation to the Glycomics Institute, a complimentary breakfast item at the post-run sausage sizzle and much more! Book Now



Smash your fitness goals this August at the Sanctuary Cove Country Club and join our 4 Week Challenge Starting August 16th push yourself to your limit and hit your fitness goals.  Over the four weeks you will receive:  2 x InBody body scans one at the start and one at the end of the challenge to measure your results Daily fitness program Meal plan talk: Monday 19th August 6pm Extra fitness classes: Wednesday 6.30am: Boxing  Saturday 6.00am: Boxing x Circuit Complimentary 500ml Sanctuary Cove stainless steel water bottle  Join now at reception or email info@sanctuarycovecountryclub.com or phone 07 5699 9070. There is a participation fee of $60 (free for VIP Members). 


BLOG POST: Free Fitness Fridays

Sanctuary Cove Country Club are hosting free fitness classes in The Marine Village on Fridays.  We invite everyone to join us on their lunch breaks to participate. Every Friday there will be two classes on offer: 12 pm: 30 minutes of Circuit Training 12.30 pm: 30 minutes of Yoga  These community fitness classes will take place in The Docks in The Marine Village (located between Anchor Buoy and Ioesco).