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SANCTUARY Cove Country Club will host a Wellness Month in June, kicking off with a two-hour Yoga class overlooking the picturesque Palms Golf Course. Members and visitors to the Country Club are invited to attend a number of group fitness classes throughout the month, including Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation – all designed to promote the benefits of a healthy mind, body and spirit. Sanctuary Cove Country Club Operations Manager, Ryan Fishburn, said the classes will provide the perfect opportunity for mind and body exercising. “Yoga and Pilates can greatly improve muscular and postural strength, and both incorporate breathing techniques,” said Mr Fishburn. “Meditation is the perfect addition to Yoga and Pilates as it will help to calm and focus the mind through breathing and mindfulness, and we’ll be holding meditation classes every Tuesday morning at 8:30am” he said. EPIC YOGA - REGISTER HERE DOWNLOAD CALENDAR ESSENTIAL OILS “The epic two-hour Yoga class will incorporate up to four instructors, and will cover grounding and breathing, a warm up, sun salutations, standing and balancing postures, seated and supine postures and Savasana and meditation. It will be suitable for all fitness levels.” A second two-hour Yoga class will also be held on Friday 21 June on the Village Green overlooking the Sanctuary Cove Marina, to celebrate International Yoga Day. Mr Fishburn said in addition to fitness and meditation classes, members can learn how essential oils aid wellness, meet local fashion brand Flow Yoga on Wednesday mornings in a series of meet and greet sessions. Wellness Month will launch on Saturday 1 June 2019 with a two-hour Yoga class in the Botanical Room overlooking the picturesque Palms Golf Course for just $20 per person. Anyone can take part in Wellness Month, including members of Sanctuary Cove Country Club or visitors wishing to participate in casual group fitness classes. For any enquiries email info@sanctuarycovecountryclub.com.au Book A Casual Pass



Sanctuary Cove Country Club is holding a Group Fitness Challenge, and it’s the perfect chance to step outside your comfort zone and try a new activity that will help you feel great inside and out. With 14 classes on offer, there is something for everyone at every fitness level – from Yoga and Pilates to Body Pump, RPM, Zumba and more. There’s even Aqua/H20 fitness for those wanting a low impact workout in a heated swimming pool. Group fitness classes give you the chance to expand your horizons and abilities and take part in a social activity that may be different to what you would normally do at the Country Club. You’ll feel more accountable for your workout, and participating in a combination of classes can help you see better results. Plus, you’ll learn more about your workout and receive personalised advice from the highly qualified Sanctuary Cove Country Club trainers. The Group Fitness Challenge will run from 1 - 31 May, with spot prizes given out throughout the challenge to keep everyone motivated. To find out more about Group Fitness Classes at Sanctuary Cove Country Club, visit the website: https://sanctuarycovecountryclub.com.au/classes/



Enjoy half price yoga on Wednesdays. Join one of the Wednesday morning classes and receive 50% off your casual pass. Improve your flexibility, strength, balance, decrease stress and improve posture. Our yoga instructors will teach you how to connect the body and mind with breathing. Choose from: 7:15am-8:15am - perfect to do before work 8:30am-9:30am - pop in after school drop off 9:30am - 10:30am - great time to catch a class with friends Visit reception prior to your class to sign up and access your 50% discount. Pay only $10 for a Wednesday morning yoga class. This will give you a full day access to the Sanctuary Cove Country Club facilities. Casual passes are normally $20. One discounted pass per person. For more about the Sanctuary Cove Country Club visit the website: https://sanctuarycovecountryclub.com.au/classes/ or email info@sanctuarycovecountryclub.com.au



Ryan talks about the importance of sleep. We're halfway through the 4 Week Challenge and I hope you have been able to make a positive change to your lifestyle. In my health talk earlier this month I discussed a few topics including eating habits, foods to eat, training and sleep. A good night's sleep is so important and I suggested 6-8 hours is ideal and to refrain from the electronics in your room. A few podcasts that you can listen to, to help find the right sleep routine for you can be found here.



New year new you, as 2019 has already begun, most people would have set new year resolutions and goals, but if you are like most people, you’ll make them only to break them, within a few months. In 2018, the two most common resolutions, where eating healthier and doing more exercise. Here are some tips to stay on track as the year progress. 1. Make a meal plan It's much easier to eat well if you have all the ingredients at hand. Make a meal plan for the week and do it as a family, so everyone feels involved. Then do one big shop (or shop online if you're pushed); this saves time during the week and solves that 'what do we eat tonight?' decision each day. 2. Stick it out One Wellness report done in 2009, says on average it took participants 66 days on average to form a new habit. So, what’s important is setting a long-term goal to help you curb your impulses as well as keep from getting discouraged. 3. Get a training partner The best aspect of training with someone is that your partner provides instant accountability. We’ve all been in a situation where we know we need to work out, but one of several excuses has got the better of us and we've skipped the gym. Making plans with a training partner makes it much harder to cancel a workout as you know you’ll be messing up their plans too. Imagine all the extra progress you would have made just over the course of the past 12 months if you'd never missed a workout!