Have you ever felt a bit sluggish? Fatigue? Or low energy? It might be your hormones. There are several factors that influence hormones and keeping these in check can lead to a better health outlook. Therefore Sophia Quayle of Totale Health has put together a few tips: Gut Health Digestive dysfunction can lead to impaired detoxification and elimination of hormones. Having regular bowel habits are key to ensuring excess hormones are being eliminated and not reabsorbed within the body. Nutrition Nutritional deficiencies and/or poor diet can certainly contribute to imbalances. Certain nutrients are needed as co-factors to produce certain hormones and support our overall reproductive/hormonal health. Stress Impacts the central nervous system, causes menstrual cycle irregularities, promotes hormonal imbalances leading to increases in PMS symptoms. It can also have a negative impact on energy levels, therefore contributing to fatigue and low energy. Environment Toxins and chemicals can burden the body and mimic certain hormones which can disrupt their natural function and contribute to hormonal imbalances. In your diet aim to buy organic foods where ever possible and switch to natural products. Sleep Lack of sleep can alter both endocrine and metabolic functions. Sleep plays an important role in the regulation and production of our hormones. Aim for 8 hours of good quality sleep each night. Exercise Physical movement is important for detoxification, our metabolism, regular bowel movements and lymphatic movement. However excessive exercise can reduce progesterone levels and contribute to irregular menstrual cycles. These six factors can influence your overall health, keep on top of them to keep your hormone balance in check. For more of Sophia's blogs visit Totale Health Website. Back to What's On and Blogs



The world as we know it has changed dramatically in recent times and we know how much you are missing the gym! Not just for the sweaty workout, but for the social interaction and being part of a bigger community.  As such, Sanctuary Cove Rec Club Manager, Ryan Fishburn has put together a list of ways you can stay fit and motivated at home. Ryan’s top tips to STAY FIT at home: Don’t have exercise equipment at home? No worries, you can improvise with your everyday household products to achieve the same movement as the dumbbells at the gym. A few of our favourites are bags of sugar or flour, canned fruit and vegetables, fry pans and even a good old faithful water bottle. Focus on body weight exercises. Use your own body weight to do push ups, planks, squats and lunges to give you an all over body workout. Put together a short body weight workout of 10 x repetitions of each in 3 rounds. Be careful and watch what you eat! When you are at home, people naturally tend to move less and eat more. If you find yourself at the fridge or pantry door, stop and think ‘am I actually hungry or am I just bored?’ Ryan’s top tips to STAY MOTIVATED at home: Listen to motivational podcasts on Apple or Spotify and use the time to learn tools and tricks from the pros to keep you going! Ryan recommends Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial, On Purpose with Jay Shetty and The Tony Robbins Podcast. Rise and Shine! Train first thing in the morning so that you never miss it, set a routine and stick with it. Plus, research suggests that it only takes 21 days to create a habit. Why not use this time to create a healthy habit and invest in yourself? Set personal goals and hold yourself accountable. Ryan suggests these are both daily and weekly goals. Need a few daily goal ideas? How about committing to enjoying 15 minutes in the sun, walking for one-hour a day or eating wholefoods only (nothing processed). For weekly goals, how about you commit to no increase in body weight, to walk for a total of 7 hours, mow your lawns, wash you car, weed the garden or clear clutter which will also clear the mind! If it’s an option for you, get a personal trainer to come to your house. Your Sanctuary Cove Country Club Personal Trainers are here to support you – simply reach out to them! Remember, just because your home a lot more now, there’s no excuse to slack off!