Many people make New Year’s resolutions, many of them health related. Here are some helpful tips to keep your new year fitness resolution momentum going all year round to assist in achieving your overall goal of better health.

1.       Make one small change at a time

Everyone knows that feeling of starting a new year full of energy and grand plans – come the 1st of January, unhealthy treats and alcohol are off the menu, and green smoothies and unrealistic exercise schedules are in. It is proven that success comes with much smaller steps, these habits will soon become routines and an easier foundation to add new goals. Rather than swearing off all your vices, vow to limit them to a day or two a week. The same applies to exercise, start off realistically with just three days a week, and slowly aim to increase to more days as your strength and energy build.

2.       Partner Up With A Friend

Studies show that pairing up with a friend makes people more likely to work out. Instead of going it alone, sign up for a fitness class, join a local running club or simply take a walk with a friend during your lunch break. Another option is hiring a personal trainer with a friend and splitting the cost or joining a fitness challenge together to keep the motivation strong.

3.       Keep A Food Diary 

If you are focusing on improving your diet as part of your new year’s overall health resolution, try keeping a food diary. This can be a helpful part of your success and accountability. We often underestimate how much food we are consuming in a day, forgetting the cake at work or a handful of chips while watching TV. There is an abundance of food tracker apps available, or the old fashion printed diary or notebook also works a treat.

4.       Make It Fun

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring! Find a way to exercise that both allows you to get fit, and have fun in the process. It’s a known fact that you’ll be more likely to keep going with exercise if you don’t dread it.

5.       Go Easy On Yourself

We are often our worst critics, and it’s so hard to always keep on track. Life happens, and there are plenty of ups and downs along the way that mean it’s not always possible to stick to or attain your healthy lifestyle goals. Realising that one slice of cake, or one missed workout will not derail you for the rest of the year is key. 

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