Everyone has their own health and fitness journey and start them for a myriad of reasons. They could be small or large weight loss goals, the desire to be fitter with higher energy levels or just to eat healthier meals.

One Sanctuary Cove Country Club member is about to undertake a life changing 12-week challenge. Matt Rippin is the General Manager of the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort; he is a husband and father of two that due to his hospitality background took the opportunity to indulge in fine wine and food.


After years of doctors’ advice to lose weight, it took the loss of Matt’s father to finally realise life is short. His father was a great man and role model that Matt misses dearly. He now wants to ensure he shares a long, well lived life with his family and to be a great role model for his children. Matt will team up with the Country Club’s Manager, Ryan Fishburn to turnaround his health through a lifestyle program that combines exercise with a healthy eating plan.

Matt is 46 years old and weighs 114kg, a far heavier version of himself when he met his wife Kerry 16 years ago weighing just 85kg. His goal is to lose 10-15 kg before Summer (and keep it off!), and will allow him to say sayonara to  the dad bod look!

There are many health issues associated with being overweight including unnecessary stress on your vital organs, low energy, Type Two diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease, stroke, fatty liver disease. Another issue is Body dissatisfaction not being happy with your body, avoiding situations where you may have to be in your swimmers.

Matt has always been active through surfing and indoor and outdoor cycling but his temptation and desire for carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol has seen the weight stack on. 

After assessing Matt’s fitness levels, goals and review any medical conditions, Ryan’s plan is to facilitate a complete health and fitness program. This includes a daily training schedule with a variety of fitness activities, a health plan that includes diet recommendations, hydration, intermittent fasting and other lifestyle factors such as sleep.

As a start to Matt’s health and fitness journey, Ryan has increased daily activity and weight training. This includes walking or surfing each morning, a one-hour cardio and weight training session three times per week, and an intense PT session twice a week. This additional training and movement will dramatically increase the calories that Matt will burn per week.

From a diet perspective Matt will immediately eliminate processed foods, added sugar, food colouring and flavouring. Ryan has advised to increase wholefoods, quality protein and fats and to start intermittent fasting, whereby Matt will eat his first meal at 11am and next meal at 6pm. 

A combination of increased movement, better food choices and improving his lifestyle factors Matt is being set up to achieve his goals within 12 weeks.

Matt’s journey will be followed and covered throughout the 12 week period to motivate and inspire members to take on their own health and fitness program.

If you wish to find out more about these programs please contact reception on 5699 9070 or email info@sanctuarycovecountryclub.com.au