Matt has teamed up with the Country Club’s Manager, Ryan Fishburn to turnaround his health through a lifestyle program that combines exercise with a healthy eating plan [read previous post here].

Matt Rippin Week 2

To start Ryan increased daily activity and weight training. This included walking or surfing each morning, a one-hour cardio and weight training session three times per week, and an intense PT session twice a week.

From a diet perspective Matt eliminated processed foods, sugar, food colouring and flavouring and commenced intermittent fasting, whereby Matt eats his first meal at 11am and next meal at 6pm.

In two weeks Matt has lost 5.7kg, 3.5% body fat and dropped 3 points in visceral fat. Ryan said these initial results were outstanding.

“Matt has shown that he is following all disciplines of the plan, by just not training well but also eating less and making healthier choices,” he said.

Matt is also pleased with his results, although hesitant in maintaining his new healthy habits. From a workout perspective, Matt’s body is hurting a little more than before as he works harder under Ryan’s guidance. The training sessions work different muscles that have not previously seen much attention.

The biggest surprise for Matt is how instrumental diet and food is to his weight loss program. While the hardest part is eliminating carbohydrates (formerly a daily food source for Matt), the easiest part has been intermittent fasting.

Normally Matt’s morning routine would be to wake up, shower and breakfast, followed by an early lunch at 11.30am. However, the day now starts with a surf, shower and coffee before starting a morning workout with Ryan. At 1pm Matt reaches for a protein shake which keeps him going through until dinner. This last meal of the day avoids carbohydrates and includes vegetables and protein. Matt has also forgone his daily beer.

Ryan plans to continue the current schedule with Matt for the next fortnight and review after this. The workout will vary with different exercise sets, reps and rest times. The diet will continue to focus on whole foods and intermittent fasting, the only difference will be changing the protein shake on some days to meals such as omelettes or salads.

In two weeks Matt will be one month into his challenge and undergo his second body scan to review body fat and weight loss results.

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